Saturday, June 30, 2012

United We Fall

You know how I mentioned before about us leaving for vacation this Friday? Yeah, that's not happening... Obviously, because I'm sitting here at the exact time our flight should have been leaving.

Apparently, when we called to extend the trip, the United Airlines employee we talked to screwed up and CANCELLED our flight to Detroit and made it a one-way flight back from our vacation! I mean really... how the HECK do they expect us to get there in the first place?!

So now, because he couldn't do his job correctly, Gabe spent a total of FOUR hours on the phone today (half of which he was put on hold for no reason. Once for 50 minutes until they hung up on him!) They kept giving him the run around and trying to put the blame on Priceline, who we booked through, even though we got a confirmation e-mail saying we were leaving tonight!

Watch out for these sneaky b*stards!

After talking to them the first time today, the lady Gabe talked to told him she got a flight for our original time and with an extra layover, we would still only arrive a few hours after our original tickets. OK, that's not so bad we thought... Well, lo and behold, they couldn't even get that right!!! Instead of booking us for tonight, she went and booked us for tomorrow, Saturday night! So back on the phone we go...

After more of playing the blame game, not taking responsibility, giving us no compensation, trying to charge us extra money, AND refusing to change the ticket, we're stuck leaving a day later. Not only did that take a day away from our vacation, it created a domino effect on the rest of our trip reservations. We now had to call the pet boarders and tell them we're not bringing the pets until tomorrow, notify the family who will be house sitting, notify family who are expecting us, and call to change our car rental.

On top of the flight fiasco, the car rental agency tried charging us bukoo amounts more because apparently AFTER our reservation was made, they changed policies and raised their prices. And because we were changing the reservation, we would have to pay under the new policy. REALLY?! As if we didn't have enough stuff go wrong today... Gabe argued with them for a while but ended up winning the argument. The catch? We still have to pay for the car tomorrow even though we're not driving it. UGGGHHH!

Such a hassle! All because one person did not do their job correctly! I give props to Gabe because he discovered the problem when he tried to do the online check-in and couldn't find our flight. And then spent all that time on the phone, never losing his cool, and making sure we weren't paying any extra money for a mistake that we did not make.

Rant over.

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  1. oh no! I'm so sorry that you missed your flight. yeah for your hubby staying calm through it all. I hope you will be able to get away soon. I hope your weekend got better.


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