Friday, October 26, 2012


I just got my 100th follower!

I really want to thank each and every one of you. It means a lot to me when someone thinks my blog is worthy enough to read again.

And thank you all for the lovely comments! I'm sorry I don't respond like I should, but know that it is appreciated. I'm going to try to work harder on commenting back.

Also, for everyone who stops by and leaves their own blog address, I do try to stop by whenever I can. Sometimes it takes a while, but I do get to each and every one of your blogs.

Thank you Thank you!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

16 Week Belly Bump

Holy cow! Four months! How and when did this happen?! My first trimester went by at a snail's pace and now time won't slow down. I love being pregnant and want to cherish every. single. day.

How far along - 16 weeks

 Weight gain - 3 lbs! I really hope my weight gain (or lack thereof) is not an issue this pregnancy.

Morning sickness/nausea - Gone! Once in a while a smell can make my stomach turn but I don't really ever feel sick otherwise.

Movement - YES! They are small so sometimes I still wonder if it's my imagination.I wasn't 100% sure with both kids until 18 weeks so I bet at the 18 week post, I can give you a definite answer. :)

Physical changes (that you can see from the outside) - I don't feel much bigger from my 14 week post. Some days I feel bigger than others. My belly button is coming out now too. And my boobs have grown.

Pain - My lower back pain comes and goes. Recently, it has been hurting very low on the right side on the fleshy part by the hip bone (basically the very top of my butt). It has been making it very difficult for me to do anything when the pain is there. And I have been having almost nonstop headaches! They've gotten even worse since Alena accidentally smashed my glasses into my nose one day. I go to sleep with a massive headache and STILL wake up with one! I got so desperate the other day that I actually took headache medicine (and I hate taking meds while pregnant)!

Sleep - What's that? Gabe has been on business trips the past two weeks (mama needs a break!). Our neighbors had their motorcycle stolen one night (Gabe has his parked right in front of our house) and since then I just can not sleep. I leave all the lights in the house on and turn on the alarm at night but I just can not sleep easy. Every little noise wakes me up. I think I got more sleep with a newborn in the house than I do now!

Stretchmarks - Nope.

Maternity clothes - All in maternity bottoms and 50/50 on maternity shirts. The weather is somewhat cooler staying between 77-85 so I have worn some of my long sleeve maternity shirts, although I should wear the short sleeve and tanks as long as I can.

Food cravings/aversions - Not really any aversions except when smelling food that just doesn't agree with me. I do crave whatever I see someone else having!

Eating/drinking -  I can finally eat a normal size meal again! Well, sometimes. It's quite strange how one day I can eat a lot and then the next, I eat three bites and feel full.

Boy or Girl - We're not finding out! We think it's a girl.

Lowlights of the week - back pains and headaches

Highlights of the week - Well.... there really isn't one. Gabe is gone so I've been a LOT more stressed. If I had to pick one, it would be feeling tiny, random movements.

Anything to add - Not pregnancy related but Gabe just completed his most recent colleges classes with all As and a 3.75 GPA! You can read a little more about it here.

15 weeks


16 weeks

16 weeks

p.s. Don't forget to put your guesses in on the poll to the right. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Have to Brag

For the past 15 weeks he's been working full time (with lots of traveling) AND taking a more than full time college class workload. All that while somehow still managing to squeeze in some family time here and there.
It has been a long and hard 4 months for us all, but it paid off. He completed the upper level courses, which were not easy (chemistry, physics, physics lab, short stories, and films and literature) WITH ALL As!!!! 
 I am so so so proud of him and also so so so glad that he has just a couple months of classes left and then he will have his degree!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Say What?!

Remember me writing about our computer problems? Well, the other day I turned the computer on to fiddle with it one more time before taking it to Best Buy for repairs.

Wouldn't you know it, it worked just fine! Hmm, OK... We never/rarely shut the computer off and just let it go to sleep mode. Apparently it just needed to be shut down for a while because after three days of being turned off, it works like normal again!

Now I can go back to my normal blogging. Like this totally adorable photo. Alena is just taking off in the reading and writing department. She will look at anything with words and try to sound them out. And she loves to draw and write. She's started to try and make books. I'll cut out paper and we'll staple them together. Then she'll draw pictures (mostly animals) and write their names.

Last night, she went off to her room for a while and came back with this... COMPLETE SENTENCES! I was beyond surprised and proud.

A fox can jump.
A kangaroo can eat.
A rabbit can eat.
We can eat.

And I can't forget to mention that my most beautiful, smart, and talented little girl also got all As on her first quarter report card! Proud mama right here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Computer Problems

So we're having some problems with our computer. Just what I need when Gabe will be gone for the next three weeks, right?

We've been trying to figure out how to get videos and pictures off of our old video camera. The videos are from 3-5 years ago. When we moved to AZ, our car was broken into and the cords for our camera were taken. I should have ordered replacement cords right away but kept putting it off (almost five years of putting it off!). Well, I finally got up the motivation to just do it. I called Sony and they assured me that even though our camera is six years old, the cord I was getting would work.

Surprise surprise, it didn't. I called to return it and order another. And shocker! THAT cord didn't work either! So it was off to eBay. I found the cord I thought we would need and ordered it for only $5. When it came in the mail, I naively thought I could just plug it in and it would work. Hah! It didn't.

So we wasted spent some time finding new software and downloading it. Nothing we did would work. I even tried downloading the original software from the disc.

Long story sort of short... With everything we did to it, nothing worked and now our computer runs like it's from 1995. Suuuper sloooow. I don't have the patience to sit there and wait five minutes for an internet page to load. And poor Gabe has his final two classes starting up in a couple weeks and there's no way he can do schoolwork with the computer running like that!

Gabe has three trips in the next three weeks, so I guess it's up to me to lug it into Best Buy for help. If you don't hear from me for a bit, that's why. I can't do pictures from my iPad and Blogger works funny on it.

I just hope it's fixable and doesn't cost us an arm and a leg.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

14 Week Belly Bump

Don't forget to take a quick second to do my poll over there to the right. :) So we are really in the second trimester! I felt like the first trimester went extremely sloooow. And now I feel like it's speeding up! Ahh! I don't want it to!

Taken at 13 weeks 6 days

How far along - 14 weeks

Weight gain - 2-3 lbs! I only gained 17lbs with Alena and 12lbs with Christian, so I'm excited to see what this pregnancy will do. (I think the baby will be bigger than the others and my weight gain will be around 15-20lbs.)

Morning sickness/nausea - That is basically gone now. YAY! Once in a while a smell can make my stomach turn but I don't really ever feel sick otherwise.

Physical changes (that you can see from the outside) - Well this is a duh. My tummy is bigger! But my belly button is coming out now too. And my boobs have grown.

Pain - My lower back pain comes and goes. I doubt it will go away because the pain is always in the spot where I have a herniated disc. I haven't been able to take anything for my allergies so my nose has been stuffed for months now and it is driving me nuts! Some days, my stuffy nose gives me a big headache.

Sleep - Sleep has been getting better. There is almost no way I can stay up past 9 anymore. I usually get 9+ hours of sleep and STILL feel tired by the next afternoon. A very nice friend let me borrow a pregnancy pillow to sleep with and it is very comfortable. (Thank you again!) I wake up once at night to pee too.

Stretchmarks - Nope.

Maternity clothes - All in maternity bottoms and a few maternity shirts. Most normal shirts have been put away and if the weather ever gets below 80 (I know, poor us with our warm fall weather!), I would wear my fall maternity shirts.

Food cravings/aversions - No aversions except when smelling food that just doesn't agree with me. If I'm craving something, it's best if I eat it.

Eating/drinking - I eat ALL. THE. TIME. I don't feel as sick now when I'm hungry but still have to eat frequently. It's sad how little I can eat now in one sitting. I also drink a lot water!

Boy or Girl - We're not finding out this time! But (not so secretly) I think it's a girl.

Lowlights of the week - back pains, being tired all the time, and my allergies/stuffy nose

Highlights of the week - Feeling better in general.

Anything to add - I think I may have felt the baby move. I realize it is still early but with this being my third pregnancy, I'm a little better in tune as to what is gas and what are kicks. I also see the midwife later this week and if the baby cooperates, we'll be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time!

13 weeks


14 weeks



14 week belly button

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Trip to the Fair

Yeah, you read that right. FIRST time at the fair. My kids have never been to a fair before. The closest fair to us here in Arizona is an hour away (not to mention it is literally ON the Mexico border). It's hot and I (Gabe was either in Iraq or on a work trip the past two years) just never really wanted to go with two small kids. But this year I really wanted them to go and get to enjoy the rides and all the animals.

Gabe wanted to catch up on homework so I still ended up taking them by myself. We rode some rides, ate fair food, and saw all the animals. Alena commented as we were leaving "Daddy should have come. He missed a good time!".

Alena and Christian rode in one of those barrel rides that spins when you turn the wheel in there. There were two little boys that joined them and Alena wasn't sure what to think. 

But then they got to spinning and they were the fastest ones! Christian was all smiles to start off with but each time they came around, I could see the smile disappearing and him looking less and less enthused to be on that ride.

We also stopped at the grandstands to watch some girls doing barrel races.

And then my favorite part, the animals! They ended up petting pigs, cows, sheep, goats, and horses.

We were only there for a couple hours because we were all hot, exhausted, and still had an hour's drive home.