Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Trip to the Fair

Yeah, you read that right. FIRST time at the fair. My kids have never been to a fair before. The closest fair to us here in Arizona is an hour away (not to mention it is literally ON the Mexico border). It's hot and I (Gabe was either in Iraq or on a work trip the past two years) just never really wanted to go with two small kids. But this year I really wanted them to go and get to enjoy the rides and all the animals.

Gabe wanted to catch up on homework so I still ended up taking them by myself. We rode some rides, ate fair food, and saw all the animals. Alena commented as we were leaving "Daddy should have come. He missed a good time!".

Alena and Christian rode in one of those barrel rides that spins when you turn the wheel in there. There were two little boys that joined them and Alena wasn't sure what to think. 

But then they got to spinning and they were the fastest ones! Christian was all smiles to start off with but each time they came around, I could see the smile disappearing and him looking less and less enthused to be on that ride.

We also stopped at the grandstands to watch some girls doing barrel races.

And then my favorite part, the animals! They ended up petting pigs, cows, sheep, goats, and horses.

We were only there for a couple hours because we were all hot, exhausted, and still had an hour's drive home.

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