Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever. It's here and it's real. This winter has been brutal with at least 3 feet of snow and a current temp of 3 degrees. Let me tell you how happy I am to be in Ohio right now.... I'm not.

To beat the winter blues, we try to get out and have some indoor fun. So we found a Fun n Stuff one weekend and spent half the day playing, jumping, skating, and climbing. The kids had a blast and we all went home exhausted.

And as always, only the best phone quality pics for you. ;)

Alena made it to the top!

Anyone else stuck in the cold and snow or are you lucky to live where it's sunny and warm?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter "Wonder"land

I don't know about you, but I am ready for Spring! I'm over this so called Winter Wonderland Ohio has. It was beautiful in the beginning... when you're not having to go out in it. We've easily got about two feet of snow on the ground and more snow is expected. My car has been stuck in the snow twice already. OVER IT!

Poor Noah only gets to watch from the window.

Alena and my dad built a snowman. He took Noah out real quick to feel the snow and a picture (He was not actually out playing like that).

The road and driveway are gone.
And let me tell you about my recent drive home from Columbus. I went down to attend a business training  for my doula business. It was a three hour drive down with clear roads. Throughout the day the weather was going between rain and snow, increasing to snow later in the day. The kids spent the day with my sister who lives down there. I picked them up and we went out for dinner before making the trek home. It was snowing pretty heavily and I just knew I should have hit up a drive-thru and went home. By the time we were actually heading north, the snow was ridiculous and the roads were horrible. So bad, in fact, that I slid right on through a red light with no hopes of stopping. Thank the Lord that it was not a busy intersection and the few cars there saw me coming and didn't go.

My three hour drive turned into five hours, averaging 25-35 mph the entire way. Talk about a white knuckle experience. We passed a total of 9 accidents, 7 of which were on a 20 mile strip just north of Columbus. The picture below was what I saw that whole way. No lines and everyone just guessing where on the road they were.

Spring, where are you?!