Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hooked on Gardening

The longer that we have this garden, the more I'm loving it! In the beginning it can be a pain because nothing is happening and you don't see the "fruits" of your effort yet. Now that we have started actually being able to pick and see the vegetables start producing, things have started to get exciting! (I'm sounding like a total nerd right now, aren't I?) *shrug* Oh well.

I've realized lately that I need to be taking in more fruits and vegetables. The kids are constantly eating them but I just can't seem to eat them on a regular basis. I made the suggestion to Gabe about getting a juicer or blender so we can make our own juice or smoothies and he jumped on board right away. This way, we can get all the fruits and veggies that we need and it will be a great way to use any extra produce from the garden. (Also, it justifies Gabe's wish for a bigger garden next year.)

Now, for my favorite part. :)

Our blackberry bushes haven't been doing much. Finally got a flower on it!

Love the large green grape leaves!

Our Lantana bushes have finally taken off too.

Beautiful flower on the zucchini plant.

I see only two zucchinis in this pic, but there are really four growing on the plant.

The zucchini and lettuce. We've already made salads with the lettuce and it looks like we need to have more!

The Yellow Squash plant. You see the big one growing?

The snap peas have really taken off!

My "pride and joy". The corn. I can't wait for fresh picked sweet corn!

The watermelon plant that finally started to grow and the beans in the background.

We have Cilantro!

Tomato plant and carrots. The carrots are alllmost ready to pick. (Please ignore the weeds)

Honey Dew Melon, broccoli, and cucumbers.

Plums! There was one ready to pick the other day. Today, I found it on the ground pecked by a bird. ugh!

This grape vine is growing like CRAZY!

Peppers called Sweet Hots.

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