Sunday, June 24, 2012

This and That

These are all the things on my mind right now...

  • I had a friend who had a baby on Friday and another friend having one today. Another friend just announced her pregnancy. Discouraged and sad is how I'm feeling right now.
  • My neck is really sore right now making it difficult to do anything.
  • Gabe left for a trip this morning so I'm bored and lonely.
  • I love that monsoon season is upon us but don't love the humidity.
  • I've decided not to go to Tucson this week for a pregnancy test because I don't think it's worth the 1 1/2 drive and $59 lab fee only to have them tell me it's negative.
  • I am both dreading (for reasons I shouldn't say) and excited to be traveling home this week.
  • I will probably not be blogging much (if at all) while on vacation.
  • After attempting hair bows, I looked up directions and found another couple of cute bows to make that were super easy.
  • When we get back from vacation, I need to seriously start thinking about going to school. Just not sure how it would work since Gabe is also going. (We don't need two stressed out adults in this house.)
  • Someone on a neighboring street just found a large Bullhead snake in her yard and it now has me freaked out.
  •  I'm really craving Panda Express right now.
  • We really need to stick to our budget more.
  • I wish it was in our budget to allow me to do a little more with decorating the house.
  • Maybe I should start playing the lottery.
  • As I was writing this post, I heard the ice cream truck go by and FINALLY caught him. I booked it out the door faster than the kids!
  • I've been trying to catch that truck for over a month. Success at last!
  • I should write posts like this more often. It's a good way to unload my mind. And as you can see, I have a lot of stuff in my head.


  1. Birth and pregnancy announcements are all around me too. Facebook is not the easiest place for TTCers!

  2. It is, isn't it?! I feel bad because I have had to 'hide' some FB friends to avoid the emotions of seeing all the pregnancy/baby posts.


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