Friday, May 25, 2012


Forgive me if you don't see anything from me for the next week. My parents fly in from Ohio Saturday!! We're picking them up in the RV (yes, we will be the people at the airport in an RV. hah!) and immediately taking off for the Grand Canyon. This will be the third time up there for myself, the kids, and my mom. The second time for my dad, and the first for Gabe. First time for us all to make the trip in our very own RV!

We're nervous about the trip. Going up there is almost all uphill, and back is downhill. We'll probably end up doing 20 mph up the hills and then riding the brakes on the way down. We don't know how the RV will handle it, but I'm sure we'll get home in one piece (we hope so!).

On Monday, on our way down from the canyon, we're making a stop at my great aunt's house just north of Phoenix. Then we'll proceed home early on Tuesday because the kids have swim class at 330 followed by piano class at 630. OY! Busy busy. The rest of the week should be less stressful/busy.

Don't forget, next Wednesday is my appointment to determine if I really, truly, finally am pregnant!

Now, on a different note...


Lovin all this lettuce!

Peas in the front, squash in the back.

Waiting for that corn.

Carrots will be ready soon!

Apricot tree. None this year, maybe next year?

Same with the pomegranite.

Please excuse our yard, but it is Arizona after all. Where grass doesn't grow unless you put a lot of work and water into it! This picture was to show the apple trees. No apples yet, Again, probably next year.
Lovin swim class!

 Doing big arms.

How Christian spends most of class now that he discovered he can see with the goggles.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

Jumping into the deep end!

 There you have it. I hope to be back next weekend with lots of updates and pictures from our trip!

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