Friday, May 18, 2012

Not a Baby Anymore

My baby is no longer a baby! Dare I say we have a *gulp* kindergartner!?!? Alena graduates preschool tomorrow and it sure is bitter sweet.

Next year she goes to a full day kindergarten. I feel like I'm never going to get to see her. I am thankful I am able to be a stay at home mom and I had five years at home with her.

First day of preschool. August 2011

Last day of preschool. May 2012
My Dearest Alena,

Since August of 2011, I've seen so many changes in you! You can now write your name correctly, write and read all the letters, and count to 30 (that's the highest you've counted for me at least.). When I would drop you off at school, you didn't want to stay and would hang on my legs. Now, a quick kiss and hug goodbye is all you need. You used to hover near the teacher in class, but now when I come pick you up, I always see you playing with your classmates and you don't want to leave. Alena, I've seen you blossoming into such an independent, confident young lady. I'm so proud of you! I got your "report card" today and was happy to see mostly Excellent scores for everything! I can't believe you are going to be in Kindergarten! I love you so much and can't wait to see how you grow and change this next year!

Love, mommy

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