Friday, May 4, 2012

This Explains the Rattle

Our washing machine has been making a horrible rattling sound every time it goes through the spin cycle. It had been going on for about a month and I was tempted to call a repair man.

Then, the other night as I was putting a load of clothes in the machine, I looked in the detergent dispenser. I noticed there was something in there. I reached in and found these...

Colored decorative stones. 63 of them to be exact. I couldn't believe it! Christian had taken them from an unused fish bowl and put each one in the detergent dispenser. All this time I've been wondering what was making that sound.

At first, I was upset because I was thinking about what it could have done to the washer. Then I had a good chuckle over it.

Never a dull moment with my kids around.


  1. very interesting that they thought that was a good place to store those!! :D

  2. Oh, I'm sure of have many of these episodes coming my way soon. Thanks for sharing, had a good laugh over this one. Found you via Two-in-Diapers. Happy to be a new follower!

    Holli @

  3. Oh man! Good thing you spotted those! New follower via the Mommy Brain Mixer. Check out my blog and follow me back if you like! Have a great week! :)

  4. Oh my goodness I am so glad you spotted those puppies!! stuff like that really makes the best/funniest memories!!

  5. New Follower from the mixer!
    Misty @

  6. I heard a story last week about a mom who went to empty the laundry out of the washer and found a fully grown snake that had crawled up the pipes waiting for her. That makes me feel a lot more loving towards anything my children might put in there :)
    I am your newest follower!

  7. You have to laugh at these moments! Things like this happen to me all the time

  8. hahaha! glad you "saved" some money on a repairman! Stopping by from the Mommy Brain Mixer Blog Hop!

  9. haha, my boys have put some crazy things into our washer. It's a miracle it still works ;)

    Stopping by from the Mommy Brain Mixer


  10. SO FUNNY!!! Mine makes a terrible rattling noise too... hm. I should go check! I'm so glad you linked up to the Mixer and I hop to see you again next week! :)


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