Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Saturday morning was a busy one. First the kids had gymnastics. Immediately following that, we headed to Alena's preschool graduation. OMGosh! Talk about cute!

Each graduate wore a cap and gown and there's something about seeing my five year old wearing those that made me have a mini heart attack. I could just picture her 13 years from now at her high school graduation. It was almost too much. {almost} Don't worry, I held it together. :)

My little graduate!

They did a whole ceremony just like high school. There were speeches, baby pictures slide show, and giving of diplomas. The kids even sang a couple songs. I got a cute video (seen below). It's not great because I had to try and keep Christian from running off while also trying to watch.

And yes, that is my little stinker YAWNING halfway through the song. But she's was cute at the end clapping along with everyone else, wasn't she?

Here's a couple more shots from the graduation.


They're so cute, right!?

Christian wanted in on the pic with her diploma.
Gotta have cake, of course!
Sunday was the usual. Church, the grocery store (I survived alone with the kids walking and "helping" me the whole time!), and then relaxing around the house. Well, the kids relaxed. I was cleaning because Gabe was coming home from his business trip that day. The kids were super excited to have him home so they were all over him, giving me a bit of a break. Thanks hun! We ordered Domino's for dinner because they've come out with a Gluten Free crust that actually tastes pretty good! And let's face it, I'm taking the chance of not cooking when I can get it. So did any of you watch the eclipse? I tried to do the whole pinhole trick but don't think it worked. So I resigned to watching it live on the internet. Gotta love the internet!

All in all, pretty good weekend. :)

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