Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

I don't write too much about our life outside of my infertility and gardening so I thought it would be good to change things up a bit. K? :)

First, the kids love the idea of the garden and so we went out and bought them some chia pet type of things that they can water and watch grow. And they're so cute! Christian even gave his a haircut.

Second, Flower is growing like a weed! She weighs in at 19lbs now and chews on EVERYTHING! Seriously, everything. And getting her to hold still long enough for a pic is so hard! I had to bribe her with some leftover pork. She also likes to think she is small and lay in our laps and in the laundry basket.

Third, after having family pics taken way back in May of LAST year, I have finally hung up one of the photos. Better late than never right? I had to order a frame online because of the odd 16x24 size photo. I LOVE the couch in the field and mountains in the background. It was quite the adventure hauling the couch out there hoping no spiders or snakes were nearby. But the product was worth it. :)

Fourth, we have a radish that is ready to be picked!! It's growing out of the ground and we're stoked that the garden is doing so well.

And last, we have another wildfire happening in our area. We had a horrible fire in June of last year that was a serious threat to our town. I had several friends affected by that fire. I got some pics yesterday from our back yard after the smoke covered the sun and cast a strange orange  hazy glow over us. This one, called the Montezuma Fire was started in Mexico and jumped the border in our direction. God has blessed us with rain today (very rare for this time of year)!!! The town is praying that it will help contain the fire and help put it out.

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