Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Garden Update

I've been taking pictures of the garden and all the plants in hopes of writing this post. I never end up writing it and then the pictures become out of date. But here are updates, finally.

We made a discovery about a week and a half ago when we went to transplant some veggies. Some vegetables had been dying off or not sprouting at all, and then the soil under the surface was BONE DRY. It was like dust. Even though I watered every day, in this Arizona weather, that wasn't enough. We needed to give it more water, LOTS more. So we soaked every square inch of the garden and now make sure to give the plants plenty of water.

Gabe has also constructed some drip systems for the garden and trees and set them up on automatic timers to make things easier for us. You can see them in these pics below.

We are sooo close to being able to harvest our first veggie!! A radish (You can see it in the pic on the right up above. It's huge!). Only one radish survived when we planted 16 on March 1st. (Another mistake on our part. Planting too early.) We have had to replant some crops because of our mistake. (Live and learn, right?)


Honey Dew Melon and Cucumbers have sprouted!

The grapes have taken off and are doing wonderful! I can't believe how fast they grew. I don't think we'll see any actual grapes this year but maybe next year. The plum tree was COVERED in plums until a wind storm (common for our part of Arizona) blew over half of them off. :( We also have some strawberries growing! They are small ones, but the plants are still young and have more growing to do before we can have a better crop of strawberries.

Our lovely grapes

Strawberries in the barrel to the left and blueberries to the right.

 Also, we have potatoes in the pots behind them.

A close up of the strawberries.
Yum yum plums!

Plum Tree

I really should have updated this sooner because now there is just SO much to write about! We have so many things growing right now that if I wrote about them all, the post would be way too long. So here are some pics instead. I tried to get everything we have in them.

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