Friday, November 1, 2013

November Goals

I snagged this idea from a fellow blogger and have been meaning to put up a monthly goal list for myself. Something about having a baby, two other kids, sports, and whatnots got in the way though. Bygones.

So! Here we are in November (already?!) and I'm finally getting around to setting this up. These are simple (cause let's be real, if it's not simple, it ain't happening) goals that I have in my mind.

  1. Read 5 pages a day from a book - I want to read, I try to read, but I can't ever get more than half a page before something else needs my attention. So reading a little here and there throughout the day should hopefully be doable. Baby steps...
  2. Date night! - Gabe and I have not had a date night since before Noah was born. This is Gabe's birthday month so perfect timing!
  3. Declutter master bedroom - Because the master bedroom isn't seen by anyone but us, I tend to wait far too long to clean it. Flat surfaces are the perfect landing ground for all things clutter and our dresser and night stand are suffering for it. And with the weather turning cooler, I will be bringing my winter clothes in from storage and taking summer clothes out making this the perfect time to go through our clothes and purge what we don't wear.
  4. Meal plan - I was doing really good with meal planning for quite some time and then just stopped. Now, most nights consist of me asking "So what do you feel like for dinner? Oh, chicken nuggets? Sounds good!"
  5. Blog at least twice a week - Right now, I'm averaging 5-6 blog posts per month so 8 should be attainable.

And that's it folks. Five goals. Wish me LOTS of luck cause I'm sure I'll need it. I'd love to hear if you have any goals that you're trying to accomplish this month too.

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  1. Thanks for linking my blog! I love your goals. The 5 pages a day for reading is such a great way to make a reading goal! I might have to borrow that idea sometime!


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