Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Photo Dump

We didn't do a family theme (next year's is already planned though!) but we did do matching costumes. Gabe and Christian were ninjas, Alena and I were ladybugs, and Noah wore the only costume we had in his size that Alena wore 6 years ago, a horse (or a cow or giraffe as others mistook him for).

We hit up the mall for their Trick-or-Treating where they had some activities for kids to do. Christian got to break a board at a karate exhibit. He was over the moon and spent the rest of the night convinced he was the real deal. :)

We headed home and while I got hot chocolate and a movie ready, Gabe took the two biggest around the neighborhood. Since it was pretty bare as far as people went, everyone was being more than generous with the giving of the candy. The kids came home with a huge haul that I am doing my best to not eat.

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