Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Rewind

This past weekend was a long holiday weekend and it was a busy one!

First, it started off with a potluck dinner that we hosted for my soccer team. I was prepared for only 6, maybe 7 families that had confirmed they were coming. But we ended up with 10 families! There may have been 18 kids (hard to count them when they were always running in a million different directions) and 15 of them were boys. I'll let that sink in.... 15 boys under one roof.

But we all had a great time. The adults were able to relax, talk, play pool and darts while the kids all played together. With only one bloody nose, one burned finger from the sparklers we lit later in the night, and Christian crying cause all the boys played with his toys, I'd call the night a smashing success!

Saturday was Gabe's birthday. He had chosen to eat at Joe's Crab Shack which is in Tucson, so we spent the day there. We had bought tickets this past spring for the Biosphere 2 and that was our first stop of the day. It was a pretty amazing thing to see. They had several different ecosystems ranging from a rainforest to the desert.

Their "ocean" with water brought in from the Pacific.

The Rainforest. Just amazing to see, also HUMID.

Where crops were grown when scientists spent two years actually living in the Biosphere.

After the Biosphere, we hightailed it over to the mall to get Gabe some new clothes after his 25lb weight loss. I only got one photo from shopping and it is the most adorably cute picture!

"Take a picture of us mommy!"
We finally made it to Joe's Crab Shack where Gabe got his birthday dinner. Afterward, we raced home because Gabe and I were having our first date night since Noah was born! We ended up bringing Noah because I wasn't sure how he would do at the sitter's since it would be around his bedtime. Thor was the movie of choice that night.

After two late nights in a row, we were all kind of sluggish come Sunday morning but we managed to get to church mostly on time. A little shopping and some lunch later, it was naptime. The rest of the day, we lounged around still tired from Friday and Saturday's activities.

Monday, Veteran's Day, we joined some friends for the annual Veteran's Day parade. We also went out to Applebee's which were giving free meals AND desserts to all veterans. Yes, please! Yum!

Hope you all had a great weekend and happy Veteran's Day to any vets who are reading!

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