Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lessons Learned

After watching me make my delicious pumpkin cookies, the kids wanted to try their hand at making their own... sans recipe.

So as much as I was cringing inside at the thought of all that mess, I gave Alena and Christian (almost) free will of the kitchen. They had no idea what they were doing but they just knew that their cookies were going to be the best ever. 20 (or so) mixed ingredients later, they had a dough-like substance ready for the oven.

The cookies were baked and as soon as they were cool enough to eat, the master bakers themselves tried them. When asked how they tasted, they replied through forced fake smiles, "Mmmm. They're really good!". Did they taste good? NO. But they were proud as peacocks over their creations.

Christian's face says it all.

PS - They walked away from this experience learning two important lessons...

1. Throwing random ingredients together a good cookie it does not make.
And 2. When all else fails, smile and pretend to like it. :)

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