Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Tough Being a Mom

Last night Alena begged me to let her wash the dishes and though I normally don't because I just know the mess she will make, I figured I wasn't doing her any good by never letting her learn. That, and I just really didn't want to wash them myself. ;) So, I handed her some gloves, filled up the sink, and let her have at it. Did she get water everywhere? YES. Did I have to do the dishes? NO.

Alena claimed as she was washing that she felt like a mom because you know, only moms can do dishes... This is the conversation that followed.

Alena - "It's tough being a mom."

Me - "Yes, it is."

Alena - "What's your favorite part of being a mom?"

Me - *thinking*
Alena - "Oh wait. Let me guess. Taking care of the kids and kissing your husband!"

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