Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Playroom

I don't know if it's nesting or what, but I finally seemed to have some energy and cleaning motivation this week. I did one room per day and the whole family is loving the results! We still have the bedrooms and game room to do but our main living areas are clean. Woohoo!

As I was doing the rooms, each day I would pass by the playroom and think "Something needs to be done about this room." The floor was clean and stuff was put away but there was just no organization what so ever. We have outgrown the two small bookshelves now so that the extra books had to be placed in a temporary place. We had a big toy box that collected all the larger toys but the kids always had a hard time finding something and then getting it out without pulling out other toys and making a bigger mess.

I talked to Gabe and he agreed that something needed to be done and quick. So to the computer we went... searching for solutions. We found the bookshelves and playroom system we wanted but there was just one problem. They were SO expensive! We found what we wanted for a decent price at IKEA but go figure, the closest one is 180 miles away. Ordering online through them would cost an extra $200 in shipping fees! Well crap.

We were back to square one. So Gabe kept searching and ended up finding a great blog that gave us the answer. This lady is seriously awesome. She'll take big name store items and make it herself for a fraction of the cost. Plus, she gives you all the measurements and directions on how to do it! Now we're getting somewhere! So off to Lowes we went and a few hours and dollars later, we were ready to build.

Here's our three day process so far...

We are using MDF board for this project and actually had Lowes cut everything down to the size we need. It saved us money because we didn't have to buy the table saw to do it and the trouble of doing it ourselves.

The first box is done and ready for painting!

Three boxes done! The larger bottom ones will be the base and for games or odd sized toys. The four cubby box will be for books and will also have totes in them for toys (as soon as I can find totes I like). The four cubby boxes will go on top of the larger base box as shown in the picture.

Ready for painting!

This is the inside back of the box. The boxes themselves will be white (Valspar primer and paint in one in Clean White) but I wanted to add some color to it. I think adding just a little of this blue to the back where it will "pop" out in various parts will do the trick nicely. This color is from Olympic called Aqua Chiffon in a Satin sheen and I went with the primer and paint in one (it only increased the price .50 for a quart!).

We're having a cold spell here in Southern Arizona so Gabe is working inside. Also, given the lack of workspace and proper tools, he's managing to build the boxes well despite the added difficulties. We won't be able to set these up in the playroom until the carpets are replaced. In May of 2010 (Gabe says 2011) we had all the bedroom carpets replaced but left the playroom to do at a later date. It was an ugly brown and had holes from the dog chewing on it. That carpet was a real eye-sore to look at so we figured this would be the perfect time/excuse to have them redone. Once the storage unit is built and set up, we won't be able to move it since we will be anchoring them to the wall.

I'll keep updating the more it comes along. I'm so excited to be doing this! It's hard work and a huge learning experience but I know it will turn out great and we'll appreciate it more because we did it.

Is anyone doing any sort of projects? Big or small? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Good job Gabe, so proud of you!! You are ever so talented!!!

  2. this is going to look great! our toyroom is the one room i just can't seem to get right either.. i suppose the kids are always growing into new things and out of others and acquiring more and it's so hard! last weekend I went through a major cleaning of it too and built shelves (but mine don't look nearly as good as yours will!) as least the stuff is off the floor and they have room to play now! can't wait to see the end result!

    1. Thank you. It is hard to know what to do when you have kids that grow out of toys but still have another that will grow into it. I'm one who doesn't like to get rid of stuff if we're just going to have to re-buy it down the road.

      I'm excited to have this done and get the room organized!


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