Thursday, January 10, 2013

26 Week Belly Bump

We were so busy over the holidays that I didn't even get a 25 OR 26 week belly shot. Bad preggo! This is the closest you get. This is me about 25 1/2 weeks and it was taken to show what I look like in a sweatshirt. Not very pregnant, huh?

How far along - 26 weeks

Weight gain - 8 lbs! I may have overestimated when I guessed I would gain 20lbs. I'm thinking it'll be more along the lines of 15lbs.

Morning sickness/nausea - Not at all.

Movement - As weird as this sounds, to me, those rolls and jabs can sometimes... tickle! I guess I could look at them as painful but I try to keep it positive. The other morning we went out to eat and the baby was loving what I was having. Tossing and turning so much in my tummy that I kept getting the giggles and had a hard time eating. I'm sure I looked pretty nutty to other people!

Contractions - Still have random Braxton Hicks which I am still trying to enjoy. I'm really just trying to focus on the positives to keep any fear and doubt away.

Pain -  My hip and back pain stay away most of the time. I've been seeing a chiropractor regularly and that has helped a lot. The pain intensifies and lasts a day or two every time I work in the church nursery (which is almost every week). But that's because I usually always have a baby in my arms which I know isn't good for my back but what can you do.

Sleep - I sleep through the night no problem. Thank the lord!

Stretchmarks - Nope.

Maternity clothes - I wear maternity pants when I go out and mostly sweats and yoga pants at home. My regular t-shirts are hit and miss because I wear somewhat fitted tees and they are not working too well with this belly. LOL

Food cravings/aversions -  This changes quite frequently depending on how hungry I am. If I'm hungry, I'll eat almost anything (except seafood. Nasty!).

Eating/drinking - I don't know how I can eat more now than in the first trimester when there is less room! But I thank the Lord that I can eat what I want without getting sick or overweight.

Boy or Girl - We're not finding out but are guessing girl.

Lowlights of the week - I do get uncomfortable when sitting and trying to relax now. My torso is small so when I sit it gets smaller and more crowded. I haven't figured out how to sit comfortably without having to keep my back straight and torso as long as possible.

Highlights of the week - Just the overall appreciation I have for my body and the amazing transformation it goes through in order to grow another human being.

Anything to add - I still have pregnancy brain and seem to forget the silliest things. We *may* have decided on a name if this is a little girl! We may have a boy name too but it's not 100% yet.

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