Saturday, January 19, 2013

28 Week Belly Bump

Third trimester baby!

Wow! I've got a soccer ball sized belly. I'm at the point in my pregnancy where people start to tell me how small I am. I popped out super fast but it has slowed down significantly. I'm not offended at any comments because I love this belly and know that it is the perfect size... for me.

How far along - 28 weeks - third trimester!

Weight gain - 10 lbs! For the first time, the midwife mentioned something about my lack of weight gain. I was told to "pig out" more and even try drinking meal replacement drinks (with lots of calories) in between meals. I'm not concerned with my weight gain (only gained 12lbs my last pregnancy) and neither is Gabe so I will continue doing what I'm doing.

Morning sickness/nausea - Not at all.

Movement - OMGoodness! This little one is a mover and a shaker! I think we have a little acrobat on our hands.

Contractions - Some Braxton Hicks here and there. Nothing we're worried about though.

Pain -  My hip and back pain stay away most of the time. I've been seeing a chiropractor regularly and that has helped a lot. The pain intensifies and lasts a day or two every time I work in the church nursery (which is almost every week). But that's because I usually always have a baby in my arms which I know isn't good for my back but what can you do.

Sleep - Sleep is good when I finally get comfortable. It's getting difficult to roll over and find a good comfortable position.

Stretchmarks - Nope.

Maternity clothes - I wear maternity pants when I go out and mostly sweats and yoga pants at home. My regular t-shirts are also starting to get too small so I may have to take some from Gabe. He doesn't mind though and actually likes when I wear his shirts. :)

Food cravings/aversions -  This changes quite frequently depending on how hungry I am. If I'm hungry, I'll eat almost anything (except seafood. Nasty!).

Eating/drinking - Up until a week or so ago, I could eat and eat. Now, I get about halfway through my meal and am stuffed. I have to eat small meals more often.

Boy or Girl - I've been predicting girl this whole time but there are moments where I have doubts.

Lowlights of the week - Not being able to slouch while sitting. I have to keep my upper body stretched out or the baby will let me know it does not like the fact that they have less room to move.

Highlights of the week - It's hard to describe the amount of love in our family right now. I look around and am just amazed at what I have been blessed with.

Anything to add - We are SO close to having names picked out! I am now starting to see the midwife every two weeks (can we really be that close to the end already?!) *tear* Good news! The baby is already head down! This makes me happy because I am terrified of what might end up happening otherwise.

27 weeks

28 weeks
28 week belly button
Looking through these pictures, I think I actually grew from 27 to 28 weeks! Could also be the way the baby is positioned.


  1. I always love hearing your updates. I am so thrilled for you guys. Praise God for good news. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm just sad that there are only a few more of these updates left. :(


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