Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project Playroom Update

As of now, Gabe has built all the storage shelves and we have been painting like crazy.

Here's an idea of what the shelves will look like set up. There will be three of the large cubbies with the four cube cubbies on top.

Gabe has an upcoming long business trip so we are working hard at trying to finish before he leaves. I've been neglecting some other household duties and painting all. day. long. I'm going to have lots of cleaning to make up for. I've painted so much my left hand is in constant pain/discomfort from holding the paint brush. And it's starting to travel up to my forearm now too.

I'm in charge of painting the inside of the boxes and let me tell you, it is tedious! Because of the back of the inside being a different color, I have to take care not to get paint where it shouldn't be. I've done a good job of it but it is just so slow. So slow in fact, that Gabe has helped me by painting the insides too. He gets as close as he can to the corners and then I fill that part in.

Even the kids are helping! We're letting them paint the back which will be against the wall.

Look! Proof that I really am helping too! And whoa to the belly!

OMGoodness! The kids got paint everywhere. Their clothes, the floor, on themselves, and even their hair. But they had a good time and enjoy painting so it's OK.

The carpet in the playroom was also redone this week! We had the bedrooms done a couple of years ago and now that we're redoing the playroom, it was a perfect time to get the old dirty carpet out of there. We replaced it with the same carpet that is in the bedrooms.

Here's a before pic. We've already gotten rid of a lot of toys and the toy box that was in the room.

And the UGLY tile (maybe laminate?) that was underneath.

Finally, the new BEAUTIFUL carpet. I am in love!

My next post should be the final product. We just received the totes that I bought online here today and there are just a few more boxes needing painting. So close now!


  1. Eep, everything is coming along!I cannot wait to see the final product!

    1. I know! I'm so excited to have it done and put up. But mostly, I'll be glad to have all the toys put away and not hanging out in our living room anymore!


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