Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Just Doesn't do it Justice

Remember how a few days ago, Arizona was hit with snow? Maybe not because I know most of you were enjoying 70-80 weather.

Well, we got snow, but it didn't stay around by our house. The mountains, on the other hand, were COVERED. And not the usual peaks. We're talking the entire mountain and it was BEAUTIFUL! But beautiful just doesn't do it justice. I went out to try and capture the beauty but it is definitely something you just have to see in person.

The very little amount that started to stick but melted as soon as the sun came out.

Christian watching it come down hoping to get enough to play in.

Taken from Veteran's Memorial Cemetery

Panoramic. I really wish you can see just how pretty it is.

Taken from the very end of Cherokee near Ramsey Canyon Rd.

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