Tuesday, March 27, 2012

American Idol Top 10 & 9

So going from my last American Idol post, my predictions were right. HeeJun is still around but I can tell the judges would rather he wasn't. He did pick a slow song for Top 10, but shocked everyone by switching it up in the Top 9! Shannon was next to go and certainly picked a love song that she should not have sung.

We also saw Erika go this past week. She was the judges' wild card pick to go into the Top 13. Looks like America still didn't want her around, even after she DRASTICALLY changed her looks.

This week they'll be singing songs from their idols which I think is a much better theme. Everyone should be in their comfort zone and hopefully do well. I'm a little afraid for Hollie and Skylar because they're great singers but they need to switch it up this week if they want to stick around. Deandre and HeeJun are on their last leg and I'm afraid that there's nothing they can do which is sad because I actually like Deandre. Josh and Elise are hovering near the bottom, Phillip, Hollie, and Skylar are all hanging out in the middle of the pack while (as of right now) Colton and Jessica are the front runners.

This week my predictions are...

  • Elise or Josh, Heejun, and Deandre for the bottoms three.
  • If any of them are in there, the judges will not use a save.
  • I have no idea who HeeJun's idol could be, but I think he'll go back to not making such a joke of the song (I hope).
  • I think Elise will go back to the piano and do really well this week.

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