Monday, December 23, 2013

This and That

Noah has been trying really hard to be a part of the kids' fun. Unfortunately for him, he's still too small and slow and just can't keep up yet. The kids don't like him hanging around because he doesn't know any better about knocking down what they're building or not slobbering up their toys. Poor kid. Soon though...

I made teacher gifts for the first time ever. I put in some home made Peanut 'Butter' Scotch (post on those soon) and Pretzel Hugs candy along with a Starbucks gift card. Coffee and candy, oh yes. Stuck em in a cup, wrapped some Christmas colored cling wrap around it, then tied it off and called it done.

Gabe bought Noah one of those awful beard hats at a local event. While I'm not a fan of it, I will admit it kept his face nice and warm. I'm just thankful Gabe didn't pick up a matching hat for himself. Bright side. :)

This is how we in Arizona do ice skating. On a waxy plastic sort of material that was much too sticky and hard to "skate" on. But if you'd close your eyes and pretend hard enough, you would think you were really skating fall flat on your face making a fool out of yourself. Don't close your eyes on skates.

Is anyone else having a hard time finding the magic and spirit of Christmas? I am. We've done an awful job of hiding gifts this year and the kids have seen almost all their gifts already. I did a poor job on the tree and never even got the outside lights up. I'm just not getting that warm fuzzy feeling this year. Maybe as everyone is opening their gifts on Christmas morning...

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