Tuesday, December 17, 2013

They Say...

Me as Gabe is spinning in circles with Noah who was supposed to be going to bed. "We're not trying to rile him up right now."

Gabe - "But that is my job as a dad!"

Alena when I commented on how funny she is, "I know. I get it from my dad."

The other night Alena and I were playing dress up with her wooden doll and she gave the doll clogs to go with her sweat pants of the same color.
Me - "Alena, she needs running shoes. She can't run in heels."
Alena - "Yeah, but at least the colors match."

Hearing Noah cry from the other room, I ask, "What's wrong with Noah?"
Alena responds, "Nothing. He's just dramatic."

The kids have to clean up the bedding mess around the chinchilla's cage. As they're sweeping I hear Alena grumble under her breath, "Daddy wants clean. I'll give him clean."
And she did!

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