Monday, September 23, 2013

Vacation - Ohio!

Our vacation may have been over 2 months ago but I still want to get these posts finished up to have. So please excuse me for being so behind. Anywho...

We drove down to Ohio on Saturday, July 6 taking our time. It rained off and on the whole ride there, sometimes pouring so hard we could hardly see. We made our annual stop at Cabela's where I'm sure we walked out with several items that Gabe thought we just had to have but in reality didn't. Ah well, at least we only go there once a year.

I was really hoping to make it to the Ox Roast by closing time but the rain and Noah really slowed us down. (Side note: I now realize that driving in the rain scares Noah which was why he was not a happy traveler this day.) Unfortunately we didn't make it on time but my wonderful mother still brought me home my most favorite lemonade from there!

The next morning we made it to the Ox Roast and had a great time. The weather wasn't very hot but boy was it humid! The kids wanted face paintings and as only they would, they chose the silliest but still adorably cutest ones.

Afterward, we headed over to my sister's house for a family get-together. The guys started a fire for s'mores. At one point I looked outside to find Gabe and my brother rounding up dead sticks/branches for firewood and caught them attempting to break a big one. Looks like a recipe for disaster, doesn't it? I had my camera ready to catch the next $10,000 winning Funniest Home Video but sadly luckily for them, no one was injured, impaled, or hurt in the breaking of that branch.

We did another grandchild picture like our Michigan one and it went surprisingly well. There were no tears and everyone cooperated! And just look how cute!

In order of oldest to youngest - 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 5mo, and 2mo

Here are just a few more random photos from our first couple of days.
Games with Grandma
Daddy's shirt makes a perfect sleep shirt.

And my favorite pic of the trip.... This is how Noah spent quality time with his grandparents.


  1. How fun! Great to see that you were able to spend some time with family on your vacation.

    1. Thank you! Just wish we could go home more often.


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