Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vacation Part 5

I swear there will only be one or two more posts after this. I just have so many pictures and things to show you and I'm trying to keep the posts short enough that you don't fall asleep by the end. K?

This post covers the Sunday and Saturday (8th - 9th) of our Ohio portion of the trip.

Sunday was the last day of the Ox Roast and also my 7th wedding anniversary (7 years already?! Whew!). Gabe had homework to do so he and the kids went to Rhoda's house while I had to go to the Ox Roast and help my parents at a hot dog stand. Mom volunteered me to work with them (Thanks mom!). No really, I love the Ox Roast and didn't mind at all. Besides, we had a deal with the lemonade stand where we traded food for their lemonade. And I loved me some lemonade! I drank FOUR of their 32 oz drinks! (I was sick as a dog later that day from drinking so much, but so worth it!)

Hi mom and dad!


The lunch line. See how long it is?

I saw some old friends there and also agreed to meet some after I got done working. I didn't have much time since Gabe and I were going to go out for our anniversary but I made the best of it. I had two hours to drive 30min to a local county fair, see my friends, and drive back in time to pick up Gabe and head out. Whew! I met up with my friend, Laurie at the gates and we went in to see our friend Josh, compete in a horse pull.

I did make it back in time to get Gabe and we headed off to the mall first so he could pick up some cigars. We were planning on going to a place called Geneva on the Lake and do all their fun activities but remember me mentioning about how sick I got from drinking all the lemonade? Yeah, I was ready to hurl while we were in the mall. Not to mention, all the lost amounts of sleep we had experienced from this vacation was catching up to me. Poor Gabe. He was pretty upset. (Sorry!) We ended up going to an Asian restaurant instead. I was feeling better after that, but we still went back to my parents' because we were both sleep deprived and needed to rest.

Monday, the weather FINALLY cooled off some and after breakfast, we went down to my sister's house so Gabe could do his homework. We spent a lot of the day there. Since my parents had hardly gotten to see Gabe since we got there, we decided to go to their house for dinner. My dad got the four wheeler out and the kids stayed on that thing all night. They love grandpa's four wheeler rides!

My youngest nephew, Prestin. Such a cutie!

Austin wanted to do his homework with Gabe.

See? I really was there!

He loved Gabe.

We had to go back to Rhoda's after dinner so Gabe could again, do his homework. Poor guy just couldn't get a break.

And I'm just going to throw what we did Tuesday on here too. We went to a park to hike and let the kids play with Rhoda and her 3 boys, and her friend and her 5 boys. Add in Christian and poor Alena was greatly outnumbered!

 That evening we went out with Rhoda and her husband John, my brother Steven, and my friend Josh to one of our all time favorite restaurants... Quaker Steak and Lube! Seriously, the BEST wings. We don't have them in Arizona (insert frown face here) so we always make sure to go when we're in Ohio. Besides, Tuesdays are all you can eat wing night and you can't resist that!

I should have only 2 posts at the most left of this vacation. Then I can start blogging like normal again. :)


  1. It looks like you guys had a blast! Coming by to visit from the Finding New Friends hop!

  2. What a fun place for your kids to visit!! Especially the four wheeler rides at grandpa's house!



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