Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vacation Part 1

If you read my previous post, you know the trouble we went through just to get on the plane. We got to the airport Saturday evening on the 30th and after getting our tickets, realized that they have us scattered around the plane on ALL of our flights. The workers at the ticket counter in Tucson were able to help us, but the rest of the trip we had to spend all of boarding time asking people to switch us seats so we could sit together. Tons of fun when you're traveling during the night, with kids, let me tell you...

The kids made a new friend at the airport!

I'm writing this post about our time in Michigan visiting at Gabe's mom's house.

We arrived Sunday morning at the Detroit airport after two layovers and only a couple hours of sleep. Tired would be an understatement. We went to get our rental car and wouldn't you know it... They screwed up the reservation and told us we had none! UGH can this trip start on a worse note?!

Finally, we got a car and headed to Gabe's mom's house. We arrived at around 11 and tried to rest up because they were having a family reunion that afternoon. It was over 100 degrees with about 50% humidity and no air conditioning! This low humidity and air conditioner loving Arizona girl was just about DYING.

There were around 40 people there and almost half of them were kids! The kids loved having so many cousins to run around with. They spent the whole afternoon and evening jumping on the trampoline, riding the golf cart, exploring nature, and just being kids. The grown ups sat around trying to stay cool (not happening) and talking.

Christian was in love with this caterpillar!

I also enjoyed the golf cart!

After everyone left I knew the kids were wiped out. They had been quite the super troopers though after only getting a few hours of sleep and playing hard all day. I tried to give them a quick bath and picked Christian to go first thinking he was the most tired. It was maybe a three minute bath (I didn't even let him sit down. I wanted to get them in and out quick) and when I went in to get Alena I found her passed out on the sofa! I woke her up and gave her a quick bath too and then found Christian asleep! Poor babies!

Monday was spent trying to recover from traveling and the reunion. It was another HOT day. We spent most of it lounging around on the hammock, napping, and hanging out in front of fans all day.


Ahh, relaxation.

Love his kisses!

Tuesday, we went to Gabe's sister's house because Gabe had homework to do (poor guy couldn't even fully enjoy his vacation). The kids were playing nicely together until it was obvious they were all tired. We were waiting for Gabe to finish his homework so we could go to the fireworks show. I had to pick up his brother in Ann Arbor, a half hour drive. Christian fell asleep in the car and I was not about to wake him so I dropped Alena off with grandma and took Christian with me to let him sleep. He got about two hours of much needed sleep in the car. When we got back to pick up Gabe and head to the fireworks, he was still not done with his homework. So we waited... It was almost 10pm when he finished and we figured we had missed the fireworks. But luck was on our side for once. As we were driving back into Jackson, we could hear the fireworks starting so we decided to head there and try to watch as much as we could. We caught the last half of the show and I feel bad because we didn't stop to pick up Alena. If we did, we would have missed the show for sure.

So that recaps our first three days there. Stay tuned for Part two where we head out to see Gabe's dad and spend two days on the lake!

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