Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vacation Part 2

This post will highlight the first day we spent with Gabe's dad and brothers at their summer cottage. I was going to make these two days one post but it would be so long that no one would stick around till the end.

EARLY (too early for me) Wednesday morning on the 4th, we headed out two hours west of Jackson to a small campground called Warner Camp, where Gabe's family has a small cottage that has been in their family for three generations now.

It was another hot day so we wasted no time getting into our bathing suits and heading to the lake for a swim. The water was the perfect temperature (like 90 degrees) for me. Yes, I like to swim in bath water warm water. We spent probably a good 2-3 hours swimming.

The camp had a huge 20ft tall floating iceberg that you had to climb (not fun for this short girl who could barely reach the handles) in the water so naturally, the four Walters brothers had to try it out. OMGosh, they were hilarious! Each one tried to outdo the other one by trying crazier and crazier tricks. Michael (the youngest brother) won with a back flip off of the top. I got some great shots and videos of them!

Such a happy boy!

Love this one!

This first video is a nice 360 degrees view of the lake and campground.

And this video is my favorite! Gabe and Michael were trying to do a 1,2,3 jump together and totally biffed it.

What I like about their cottage is that it is the only one that is still original. I found that to be a negative at first, but now that is one of it's best features. All the others there have been remodel and updated. So this cottage is still super tiny and has a whole lot of charm.

Can you guess which one is ours?

A nice comparison of our cottage and it's much larger neighbor.

Also found a ninja squirrel that was quite the little character.

I've never seen a squirrel do this.

Gabe's oldest brother, Nathan, brought along a long board and Christian LOVED it. He rode on that thing every chance he got.

Look at that happy face!

I also got Nathan to take a video while he rode the board from one end of camp to the other down the main road. I can't believe how fast he goes!

The kids did some firefly/lightening bug catching. They were so excited to see them because here in Arizona, we have none.

And because this post is so long already, I think I'll save my sunset pictures for another post. Seriously, this sunset was amazing. That will be my next post and then I'll do another post of our time back with Gabe's mom and then onto the Ohio portion of our trip!

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