Monday, March 18, 2013

My To-Do List

As prepared as I think we are, we really are not. Who am I kidding; is anyone ever really ready when the baby comes?

  1. Wash baby clothes - I did get boy and girl newborn clothes out today and picked some out of each to have washed and ready.
  2. Rearrange bedroom furniture - This needs to be done in order to make enough room for the birth pool to be in the bedroom with room to walk around it.
  3. Make laundry detergent - I've decided since we're using cloth diapers, making my own detergent would be better for sensitive baby skin, not to mention cheaper.
  4. Clean the house and get it baby ready - Let's face it... This may not happen.
  5. Do a month's worth of grocery shopping - I'm hoping to avoid having to send Gabe out to grab a few things because we all know what happens when husbands do the grocery shopping...
  6. Plan easy meals -  I want meals that take minimal effort and are easy.
  7. Install car seat - I'd like to avoid spending 30 minutes trying to install it when we're supposed to be going somewhere.
  8. Make sure everything (cameras, phones, spare batteries) are charged and there are chargers easily accessible if needed.
  9. Have list of "Who to Call" when labor starts - or better yet, have a phone tree so we only need to make one phone call/text.
  10. Get a backup to pick up Alena in case I'm at home in labor 
  11. And last but not least - RELAX! Remember that I CAN and WILL do it!
What am I missing? I just feel that there is something big that I am forgetting?

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