Monday, March 25, 2013

A Small Scare

I've been saying it in my weekly Belly Bump updates that this has been the most active baby. Well, I had full out belly rolls up until this past Sunday. (Sunday also happened to be the first day I've been pregnant the longest (38wk 4days by my cycle dates))

I wasn't feeling the large movements at all and it felt more like a little push here or there. By 8pm, Gabe and I were worried because evenings have always been the most active time for the baby. We're talking 2-3 HOURS of almost continuous movements. And Sunday, there were NONE.

I tried to see if sugar, pushing my tummy, and such would work to wake him/her up and get some movements going. I ate a large amount of ice cream topped with lots of chocolate syrup... nothing. I drank a glass of Odwalla brand 100% juice... still nothing. Gabe and I tried pushing and poking the baby... and still nothing. That's when we really got concerned because the baby has always responded to Gabe's hands. I even got out a hand held back massager that vibrates and stuck it right where the baby's back and butt were but got nothing. I felt a little push here or there as if the baby had just moved slightly but nothing like previous days' movements have been like.

I tried calling my midwife at home... no answer. I tried the birth center... no answer. I tried her cell phone... no answer! Then I tried her backup midwife at her home AND cell... no answer! What is going on and why is no one available?!

I really did not want to have to go to the hospital so I tried the numbers to the midwives again. I finally got a hold of the back up midwife at 10:15 pm and she asked if I would like to come over and she could check me out. Of course I would!

I drove over and she asked a few questions, felt my stomach, and listened to the heart beat. Everything was OK! She could feel the baby move while feeling and the heart rate was in the 140s. WHEW! She asked if this was my first baby. LOL um, no. I told her today was actually the longest of my 3 pregnancies and she explained that near labor, the baby's head is engaged in my pelvis and the baby has little room to move (especially with my small body frame) making it difficult for the baby to have large movements. She assured me everything was OK and I felt so much better.

And go figure, as soon as I drove home, the baby decided to wake up and move and get the hiccups... making me feel a little silly for nearly panicking. I also couldn't help but think "How did I not know that?!". Oh well, the baby is doing great and I'm so thankful for that!

And another thing.... the baby's head is engaged and it's movements have become restricted.... Could labor be close?! I think so!


  1. Oh much better to have your midwife check on baby than to be worried. Glad everything is fine.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad everything turned out to be just fine too!

  2. Glad everything is well. Also it makes me so happy for you that you're doing the midwife thing. I'm looking forward to seeing how you feel about the overall experience when looking back.

    1. So far, being with a midwife is 100% better than an OB. I'm sure the birth will be the same. I will definitely let everyone know what I thought. lol


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