Thursday, March 14, 2013

36 Week Belly Bump

Say what?! How can I be this close to the end? This pregnancy has flown by and I have so many mixed feelings about it ending soon. On one hand, I love the thought of holding our sweet little baby. But on the other hand, I know I'm going to miss being pregnant. It seems like everyone I talk to asks the same question. "Are you ready to have that baby?" My response is always "Yes and no."

How far along - 36 weeks according to the early ultrasounds. 37 weeks according to my cycle dates. Technically speaking, in the medical world, I'm considered full term! To me, I believe full term is actually 38+ weeks and hope the baby stays in until at least then.

Weight gain - 16 lbs! Supposedly babies gain half a pound a week during the last month, so that should put me at an 18-20lb weight gain. I predicted a 15-20lb gain so I'm right on!

Morning sickness/nausea - Will I jinx myself if I say this is the first pregnancy where I have not had ANY pregnancy induced nausea? I haven't thrown up once and am so grateful for that!

Movement - So strong! The baby is still moving great and has a very active period of almost constant movement in the evening. We're talking FULL belly rolls and random body parts distorting the look of my stomach. (see photo below.) You can see the top of my belly is lopsided. That's a baby butt sticking out. :)

Contractions - If I'm active, I will have contractions. Something that puzzles me is that almost every time I go from sitting to standing, I get one. They are coming more frequently (still not time-able though) and some I actually have to stop what I'm doing to get through it.

Pain -  I'm not exactly sure what this is but I have pain or rather an uncomfortable feeling inside my pelvic area that I can only think of as maybe my cervix changing. There will be no vaginal exams before labor so I won't know if that's it or not.
My pelvic and back pain (Oh the back pain!) is here to stay apparently.

Sleep - I've had to go back to using the pregnancy pillow because I would wake up with back and hip pain as a result of the position I would sleep in (I always seemed to end up on my back). With the pillow, it's helped relieve some of the pain and keeps me sleeping on my side.
I can usually manage to make it the whole night without going to the bathroom. That could also be because I'm too lazy to even attempt to get up as it takes so much effort just to get out of bed!

Stretchmarks - Praise the Lord, I've made it through three pregnancies without any! *I should note that I did get a few during my first pregnancy on my boobs. They're mostly faded and I haven't gotten any more since then.*

Maternity clothes - Obviously this is a yes. I wear Gabe's shirts too because they are longer and fit over my tummy better than my own t-shirts.

Food cravings/aversions - No and no. I'll get cravings but they're never to the point where I *have* to have it.

Eating/drinking - No problems here.

Boy or Girl - I am constantly calling this baby "she and her". Don't know if that's some sort of sign or what. I've had everyone (we're talking people I know and random strangers) tell me I look like I'm having a girl. Or it looks like a boy belly.

Lowlights of the week - The baby's movements are so strong (which is good!) but they hurt! It's in my ribs, bladder, lungs, all over. I think the baby is trying to bust out of my tummy!
Also the contractions. I don't mind them but this week Gabe has been out of town so it makes me nervous.

Highlights of the week - We had our home visit with the midwife last week and all was good. Unfortunately, the way our bedroom is setup, the birth pool won't fit so we have to rearrange the furniture. The car seat arrived in time and we'll be putting it in around week 39, or after the baby is here... we're obviously not in a rush. :)

Anything to add - Alena is getting more and more into the baby. She'll feel my tummy when the baby is active and squeal with delight!
I still need to get out clothes and the cloth diapers and get them washed and ready.
Pregnant waddle is out in full force!

35 Weeks
36 Weeks
Take a look at all those veins! So much extra blood going through me.
Notice the dark line down the middle of my tummy that many pregnant women get.

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