Thursday, March 28, 2013

38 Week Belly Bump

I am truly savoring my last few days as a pregnant woman; where this baby is all mine and my belly is beautifully round. Pregnancy is probably the best and most favorite time for me. It is the only time I am fully confident and comfortable in my own skin. To grow and birth another human being is just such an amazing thing.

How far along - 38 weeks according to the early ultrasounds. 39 weeks according to my cycle dates. It really could be ANY day now.

Weight gain - 18 lbs! This is now my highest gaining pregnancy! Most likely due to the fact that this is also my longest pregnancy... I predicted a 15-20lb gain so I'm right on!

Morning sickness/nausea - Will I jinx myself if I say this is the first pregnancy where I have not had ANY pregnancy induced nausea? I haven't thrown up once and am so grateful for that!

Movement - Sometimes it feels like a little alien in there trying to bust out! Activity level is great which is what a want after our scare the other night.

Contractions - Some days I get several in an hour's time and others, I barely notice any. Since we're at the "any day now" point, every contraction that comes I wonder to myself "Is this it?"

Pain -  I still have pain in my pelvis and yesterday (Tuesday) I had pains in the lower half of my stomach. It was like a sharp throbbing pain that made it hard to do anything.

Sleep - I sleep just fine, it's the getting comfortable part that's difficult! Rolling over and getting out of bed are such a chore now!

Stretchmarks - Praise the Lord, I've made it through three pregnancies without any! *I should note that I did get a few during my first pregnancy on my boobs. They're mostly faded and I haven't gotten any more since then.*

Maternity clothes - Obviously this is a yes. I wear Gabe's shirts too because they are longer and fit over my tummy better than my own t-shirts.

Food cravings/aversions - No and no. I'll get cravings but they're never to the point where I *have* to have it.

Eating/drinking - No problems here.

Boy or Girl - We still don't know but we'll find out soon! (I still think it's a girl.)

Lowlights of the week - The scare we had on Sunday was no fun. Thankfully, everything is OK and the baby's movement is back to normal now.

Highlights of the week - We set up the birth pool to see its size and how it fits in the bedroom. It's very padded, quite tall for my short legs to step over the sides, and comfortable!

Anything to add - Just knowing that this may be my last Belly Bump update is very bittersweet. I'm trying to savoring these last few days and soak it all up. The impending labor is getting to my mind. It's almost all I think about and I have so many questions and wonder how it will all play out. I daydream about it and run tons of scenarios through my head all the time.

37 weeks

38 weeks

38 weeks


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