Saturday, March 2, 2013

34 Week Belly Bump

How far along - 34 weeks  Keep in mind that this is according to the early ultrasound date. If I go by my cycle dates (which is what the midwife goes by), I'm actually 35 weeks. Either week is fine since we will not be inducing and the baby will come when it comes.

Weight gain - 15 lbs! With just 6 (give or take) weeks left, the baby (and I) are putting on the pounds! I think the midwife will be happier when I see her next week because this is the biggest weight gain so far (3 lbs in two weeks). I predicted a 15-20lb gain so I'm right on!

Morning sickness/nausea - So far, so good. :)

Movement - ALL THE TIME! I think this baby loves being touched because if there is a hand (from Gabe, the kids, or myself) on or rubbing my belly, the baby will "come to the surface" and move around as if trying to get us to rub him/her all over. It's cute but Gabe likes to choose when we go to bed to do this and the baby will be moving like crazy as I'm trying to go to sleep.

Contractions - They are becoming more frequent and getting stronger (I've actually stopped what I was doing and thought "Ouch!"). It varies quite a bit and hasn't ever been regular enough to worry about or think about timing them though.

Pain -  I've been seeing the chiropractor every three weeks but I just saw him last week and my lower back pain is already back so I will have to go again. My hips are preparing for birth and all that so I'm not surprised that it's throwing my back out of whack sooner.
 My pelvic pain is here to stay apparently (or at least until the baby is here).
The baby's movement is getting more painful the more crammed it gets in there. I can really feel my skin around my belly button stretching but that's OK because the baby is growing and healthy.

Sleep - I have more trouble getting comfortable but once I am, I pass out and am in a dead sleep for most of the night. Unfortunately, because of that, I wake up usually in an uncomfortable position that is causing me pain and really have to pee. I have a hard time rolling over (understandably so) and it causes pain in my pelvis. Poor Gabe, because I use him to shove myself up in bed so I can get up. He doesn't mind too much though. Right, hon?

Stretchmarks - Still none. Thank you God!

Maternity clothes - Obviously this is a yes. I wear Gabe's shirts too because they are longer and fit over my tummy better than my own t-shirts.

Food cravings/aversions -  I get cravings but rarely act on it because that would involve going out to eat and we just cannot spend all that money. Not really any specific aversions.

Eating/drinking - I have been LOVING Oreos lately! And I'm always thirsty so I try to drink lots of water which means I'm always running to the bathroom.

Boy or Girl - I am constantly calling this baby "she and her". Don't know if that's some sort of sign or what.

Lowlights of the week - The baby's movements are so strong (which is good!) but they hurt! It's in my ribs, bladder, lungs, all over. I think the baby is trying to bust out of my tummy!

Highlights of the week - Gabe had some mix ups at work and is now not leaving for business trips in my last month of pregnancy! Slight downside though... we were counting on the four days of leave he would have earned and then taken off when the baby comes. We finally ordered the car seat! Shipping said two to four weeks so this baby definitely needs to stay in until that gets here!

Anything to add - I need to get out clothes and the cloth diapers and get them washed and ready. I can not for the life of me, walk like a normal person! Pregnant waddle is out in full force!

33 weeks
33 weeks
34 weeks
34 weeks


  1. You look so good! Congrats.. you are almost there :)


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