Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Whether in the form of chocolate, coffee, tv shows, gossip magazines, etc. Well mine is reality TV. Mainly Dancing With the Stars and American Idol.

And since DWTS isn't on right now, I'm watching AI. I watched it for the first time in Season 6 and then not again until Season 9. So far, the past two seasons (4 if you also count the ones I haven't watched) have been won by guys. And I'm throwing my predictions out there now... This year will be another win for the guys.

Outside of Adam Brock, the annoying family man calling himself White Chocolate, and Eben Franckewitz, the 15 yr old with a high voice and no feeling/soul in it, I'm loving all the rest of the male finalists (and if they throw in Johnny Keyser or David Leathers as the surprise save). 

I can't really say the same for the girls. There may be one or two girls I could vote for, but only if I had to vote for a girl.

Here's some other random predictions for the AI Season 11...  
1. Either Chase Likens or Jeremy Rosado will be the first to go.
2. Either Haley Johnson or Elise Testone will be first for the girls.
3. Heejun Han is going to stick around longer than he should because he's so fun to watch.
4. The judges will wait to use the save till at least the final 6.
5. I think Johnny Keyser is the male surprise save and his good looks voice will keep him around.

Who knows if any of this will happen, but it's still fun to guess! I may do another post after I see the first show or two and add some more of my own predictions in there. You just never know what's going to happen on this show!

What's your guilty pleasure?
Anyone else who watches that would like to give their own prediction? Who do you think is the surprise male save?


  1. I Like American Idol too! Although, I can't seem to get into it this season!! I'm trying! haha :)


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