Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Worth It Wednesday

So I've seen a lot of other blogs do a weekly themed post and the most common one is "Wordless Wednesday" where it's just pictures. Well, I liked the idea. However, I can't seem to do anything without talking or writing so my "Wordless Wednesday" would turn into "Wordy Wednesday". haha

I came up with something a little more meaningful to me. WORTH IT WEDNESDAY. There's usually a point in every adult/parent's day or week where we ask ourselves what the heck we're doing, why, and is it really worth it. (you do, don't you?!) Please tell me I'm not the only one! Anyway, these posts will be the answer to those questions of mine.

Today's Worth It Wednesday post came to me on Sunday. I help out in the children's' nursery with the babies up to a year old. Usually there are only one or two. This Wednesday however, The toddler class did not have anyone to watch them. I only had one baby and there were only three toddlers (one of which was mine) so I took over for them. Four kids, no problem.

HAH! Right from the get-go a two year old was crying so I held him. Five minutes later as one toddler finished crying, I was brought another 11 month old baby. She started crying! Then I was holding her. I distracted them with snack time when I was brought a SIXTH child! AHHH... was what had started to go through my head. He usually cries immediately but something or someone was watching over me today and the boy remained calm! But sure enough, just as snack time was ending, he started to lose it. I knew I needed help so the preschool teacher went to get his mother. Down to five kids again, everything was going good (as good as it can with 5 kids ranging from 9m - 3 yrs old).

Well wouldn't you know it, another child was brought in! Church was nearing the end and the kids started getting restless, tired, and cranky. I thought for sure I was going to start panicking. I don't know what it was and can't even explain it, but my mind stay completely calm and sane! Usually at this point when I'm watching kids and more than one start getting cranky and hanging on me (we're talking three kids in my lap at once!), I start screaming in my head! lol Today was different though. I took it all in stride and just went with it. None of the kids were downright hollering or anything like that, but they definitely didn't want cooped up anymore. Thankfully, my own child didn't seem to care or notice what any of the others were doing.

Looking back now, I'm wondering if it was some sort of sign. I have doubted myself occasionally if I can handle another kid in our family. I mean, I can't stand it if both my kids are crying at once. It was like something hit me and I realized that YES, I CAN handle more! So when I start questioning myself while the kids are at each others throats, I can look back on this and remind myself that this too shall pass and it is so worth it. :)

THESE moments make it worth it!

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