Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big Sigh of Relief

So I posted this earlier in the week venting my frustration over our infertility issues. My, how the tables have turned!

Thursday, Gabe and I made the trek up to Tucson to see a fertility specialist. I was fine until the morning of the appointment when I was a NERVOUS WRECK. We've been through it before but there were so many more emotions this time.

We get to the drs and my first impression of him was... "Ok, he doesn't look like what I was expecting (I don't even know what I was expecting!) but he seems nice.". And lucky for us, he was! In fact, he spent probably a good twenty minutes or so with us asking questions and explaining things to us.

Gabe and I were extremely happy that he never even mentioned artificial insemination or in vitro. Those are two things we do not want to do.

He then did an ultrasound to check out my uterus and ovaries. Everything seemed normal except something about my uterus wall being thinner that it should be at that point in my cycle. They also did a blood test on me (NOT FUN) and then had to test Gabe's swimmers (TMI?). He gave us a prescription to Chlomid , released us, and told us we should have the test results by the end of the day.

Thankfully, they called us just two hours later with the results! Gabe tested excellent (He was EXTREMELY happy about that)! I however, was told that I had not ovulated this month despite our at home ovulation tests saying I did. :( Turns out, I have the LH hormone every month, just not the egg. It was pretty devastating to hear but we were relieved that it's a simple fix.

Now I'm feeling relief that at this time next month, I could be pregnant! But at the same time, I'm feeling upset because I waited so long to go to the dr. I had expected to get pregnant right away like we did with Christian when Gabe came home from Afghanistan. In July, I was certain that I was going to get pregnant that month. Since then, that's the same thing I've been telling myself every month. The ovulation tests I was taking were showing that I was ovulating even though I really wasn't. Money down the drain is what that was! I knew I should have gone to the drs but I'm just so darn stubborn and like to do things myself. Well, we see where that got us! A whole 7 1/2 months WASTED of not getting pregnant!! I could be in my third trimester by now if I had gone right away! Ughhhh, I know I shouldn't blame myself and be getting this upset, but we REALLY REALLY didn't want our kids this far apart in age. No more than 2-3 years was our max. Now we're looking at 4+ years. I could kick myself!

I'll try to end this on a positive note though.... If we're lucky and the Chlomid works on the first try, I will be pregnant VERY soon and be due at the end of October!!!! Seriously, when I think of it, I get soooo giddy and can't stop smiling.

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