Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Late

Warning: This may be a TMI kind of post. :)

So I'm late... for my period. Not sure what this means either. For the past eight months, only once has it been late and I was SURE that that would be THE month I was pregnant. Wrong! So now when I actually want my period to come (so I can take the chlomid), it doesn't come! Well, at least not yet. I'm kind of hoping I'm actually pregnant (yay!) or that this will jinx my body into starting (one can only hope).

I took a pregnancy test Saturday morning and it was negative. :( I should have had my period at least 2-3 days ago. (I did say it might be TMI) And now my face suddenly decided to break out like a teenager going through puberty. And it only does that when I'm pregnant! The past few days I've had pain from the back of what feels like my hip bone on my right side down to my knee. My mom says it sounds like a problem with my sciatic nerve which I have heard some pregnant women get. (just the pain I need :/ ) Also, and this could just be my imagination running wild with the thought of being pregnant, I could swear my stomach's been acting loopy today.

If I am pregnant, we would be THRILLED of course. But if I'm not, I would like to body to kindly get it's butt in gear and just start my darn cycle already!!! I have to go back to the dr in Tucson on Thursday and I thought I would be done with my period and on the Chlomid by the time I went back. Looks like that's not happening.

AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! I just want this to be over so I don't have to constantly question what is going on and IF this will be the magic month. I could have a stomach ache and the first thought in my head is, "Maybe I'm pregnant and this is morning sickness.". Come on! I'm psyching myself out month after month and I'm just plain sick of it.


  1. We love you! God knows what's best. I feel your frustration. Just relax. Take a bubble bath or a long shower and just breath. You'll know soon enough either way. We love you!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm trying to be patient but it's the uncertainty of all this waiting that's killing me.


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