Friday, March 21, 2014

Noah - 11 Months

Weight - 18.1 lbs  Not really any gain but it's not concerning me any.

Height - 29 in  Getting long and skinny.

Appearance - Where has my baby gone?! When awake, you are all toddler. I feel like I only have my baby when you are asleep. You have blond hair and blue eyes, although in certain lights you definitely have hints of red in your hair.

Eating - This has been the month that your nursing has started to space out! We're talking around 4 hours sometimes. You love food and will give everything a try. Yogurt, bananas, Oreos (when he can get a taste), apples, chicken, and others I can't think of at the moment are your favorites.

Sleeping - Because of the upcoming move and the fact that our furniture is already gone, I nurse you to sleep in bed. Your naps have actually gotten better/longer lately! I think because you are spacing out your daytime nursing sessions, you are making up for it at night because you are practically latched all night long. You go down around 9 pm and sleep until 7-8 am.

Sizes -  You wear are wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You do have a few Old Navy brand 6-12 months outfits but this may be the last month you'll wear them. You rarely wear shoes but they are size 3 or 12-18 months.

Milestones - Climbing! We have to keep the step stool folded up or we will find you at the top reaching for everything on the counter.

I can't believe I'm even typing this but you have vocabulary! We have heard you say "more, all done, hi, dada, and mama"

Your babbling has really taken off! You like to make your presence known to everyone. You talk and talk so much and we love it. Although, when we're in a store or church and you are bellowing your happy yells, not so much. But at least you're happy. :)

You get into SO much! I know it's normal but goodness, you grab anything in your reach and turn it into a toy. You don't even play with your real toys.

Likes - wrestling, being outside, swinging (LOVE it and will cry when we take you off), watching Alena and Christian play, looking out the windows and doors
Dislikes - baths (still don't this month and is the strangest thing considering how much you used to love it), having things taken from you like toys or something you shouldn't be having, when you have a dirty diaper, diaper changes, coming inside when you're playing outside

Your personality is bursting this month and you are the funniest kid! Noah, you are always making us laugh. You mastered walking and quickly moved onto running. Daddy introduced you to "magic chocolate" for when you get hurt (which is quite a bit since you are SO active) and it always works. Just one or two chocolate chips does the trick. The toddler tantrums have already begun. We're talking on the ground, crying, and dramatic. I can't believe you are only one month from turning one! We love you so so SOOO much Noah!

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