Sunday, March 9, 2014

GIANT Changes on the Horizon

I've never kept the fact that we wanted to be closer to family a secret. Arizona was always a 5-10 year plan and this past January, we hit six years. Gabe's job as a military contractor is always up in the air. We were thankfully spared last fall while so many others here were furloughed or worked without pay. It's not an ideal situation to be in when living in a primarily military town and having a growing family to support. It has come to the point where a change had to be made before one was forced upon us.

So that brings us to the GIANT changes...

About a month ago, Gabe began searching for better paying jobs. If you aren't familiar with the contracting world, I'll fill you in. Better pay = overseas jobs. Last time Gabe was in Iraq (Nov 09 - May 11), I had stayed here in Arizona many many miles from any family. I'll admit it, I was miserable. I hadn't made many friends yet and staying at home with two toddlers was tough. It's not something I would want to do again.

Iraq 2010
 We decided I would go home to be with my family while Gabe is over there and Gabe would finish school (again). He was accepted into a program called Troops to Teachers and they'll help him to become a math teacher (something he's always wanted to do and was his original goal pre-military). When he returns home, we're hoping he gets a  job somewhere somewhat close to family.

So we started planning. We contacted a friend who's a realtor to talk about selling the house and discussed what we need to do to get everything ready.We began sorting through our things and selling off items here and there. Fast forward a couple weeks to this past Thursday where we got a call that ignited a fire under our behinds and put us in hurry hurry panic mode!

Gabe was in talks with a couple companies about jobs and we knew it would happen that he would get a job overseas. We just didn't think it would happen as fast as it did. We thought we had some time to sell our things and prepare. WRONG! They called and asked if he could leave on the 19th. Uhh, that gives us two weeks. He talked to them and got it pushed back some, giving us a little more time. So he will leave and then the kids and I are staying to finish everything else we need to do before heading home shortly after.

Those of you who are reading this that are local may have noticed all the posts on Facebook selling furniture and everything else. So to answer your questions... Yes, Gabe is going overseas. Yes, we are moving. Yes, we are selling the house. And yes, we will miss you and the weather!

And those of you who live in our hometown. Yes, we are moving to Ohio. Yes, we will be staying there indefinitely. And yes, we are excited about being able to see everyone more than just once a year!

And for any blog readers, please forgive me if blogging is slow. We are very pressed for time but I will do my best to keep up. Our lives along with this blog is about to partake in some major changes and I'm bringing you along for the ride!

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  1. Leanne,
    You are right, this explains everything. I will be keeping you and the family in our prayers. I know the family in Ohio will be very excited to have you back home.


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