Friday, March 14, 2014


Life has pretty much been turned upside down for us all and has not slowed down a bit since getting word of Gabe's upcoming deployment. I don't think any of us have had proper time to process it and I'm just waiting for it to hit.

I'm having a yard sale and the house is.... Well, trashed. Everything has come out of storage to be sorted through and either kept, put in the yard sale, or thrown away. We've managed to sell almost ALL of our large furniture items. I see it as good and bad. Good because that's one less thing to worry about. And bad because we have nowhere to sit!
The mess that is driving me crazy.
I spend almost every night sleeping in this position. On my back with Noah sprawled across me, latched on. It's not ideal but he's teething and has no idea what's going on but knows that things are changing so he's extra fussy and clingy.

Noah's just amazing me every day with everything he's learning and doing. His newest tricks are climbing and running. Running! What kind of baby runs this young?! Every step stool has to be folded and put away or he'll climb them and I've already lost an almost full cup of coffee to his climbing and grabbing.

After this week when most stuff is gone and/or packed away, things should slow down a bit and I can continue posting. We're at less than two weeks until Gabe leaves. :( Eek.

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