Saturday, May 18, 2013

Noah - 1 Month

How can you be one month already?! You have grown so much that I fear my little baby isn't so little anymore. You are a very easy going and happy baby. It's like you have always been a part of our family; you just fit right in.

Weight - 9.6lbs  You've gained over two pounds in just one month! Little piggy.

Height - 22in

Appearance - Your hair has noticeably grown on the sides so that we have to tuck it behind your ears. It has also lightened up some from black to dark brown. You are getting rounder and rounder everywhere. We love it! Most people think you look just like Christian.

Eating - You are a great eater! Clearly, since you have already gained 2lbs. I couldn't say how often you eat because I watch your cues and not the clock. I would say you eat at least once an hour to every two hours. You wake up only once or twice a night to eat. Mommy gives you the boob and we both fall back to sleep. Easy peasy.

Sleeping - You're a cuddly sleeper. You love to sleep while mommy holds you during the day (which makes it hard for her to get anything done). You will catnap on and off during the day and then usually have one long nap. Sometimes you sleep in your seat; emphasis on sometimes.

You sleep in bed with mommy and daddy snuggled up to mommy most of the time. Around 9pm every night, you want to go to bed and make it clear that is what you need. You get fussy and want to nurse to sleep. At that time, you will only sleep with mommy or daddy holding you or with mommy in bed. (This forces mommy to go to bed on time.)

Sizes - You quickly went from newborn diapers to size 1. You're still just a little too small for the one size cloth diapers but we have a few newborn sized ones that you wear. And you only lasted in newborn size clothes for about a week before we had to move you up to 0-3 month sizes! *sniff* Slow down!

Milestones - At 3 days old, you went to your first carnival. Mommy had you in the sling and you slept and nursed through the whole thing totally oblivious to what was going on.

You started smiling at just two weeks old! Now, you are just starting to be consistent about smiling when we talk to you. You smile the most for mommy!

You are so good at holding your head up! When we hold you, you love to have your head up and looking around.

On May 12th, Mother's Day, you had your first trip to Tucson. You did not like the car ride up and back! We had to stop several times to calm you down because you would cry about being in your car seat and just wanted to be held.

All in all, you are a very easy to please baby and know exactly what you like and what you do not like.

Likes - nursing, being held, nursing, the moby, and more nursing
Dislikes - dirty diapers, sleeping alone, being in your car seat for more than 15min


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