Sunday, May 26, 2013

Handy Husband = Happy Kids

Also makes for a happy mommy! When daddy is good at DIY, it makes for happy kids.

Gabe recently built a PVC sprinkler contraption after spying some on Pinterest. He scoffed and said he could build one himself. So off he goes to Lowes to get what he needs. A couple trips and a few hours of work later, he had it built. And yes, it is awesome and the kids loved it.

Next weekend we'll get to test it out when Christian's soccer team comes over for an end of season party. That reminds me... I've got to get this house whipped into shape and guest ready! Blah, not my favorite thing to do.

And here's a short little video of Alena's first run through it.

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  1. That does look fun! Great for summer. Hopefully the soccer players enjoy it.


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