Monday, July 7, 2014


and the living is easy... Hah! Not when you're a mother of three kids out of school for the summer. With the high heat and humidity, park days have been replaced with trips to the splash pad and beach. This was Noah's first time at the water park/splash pad and I wasn't sure how he would do. But he LOVED it! He was the youngest and smallest one but he ran around just like the big kids.

With lakes aplenty around here, finding a beach isn't hard. We hit up a local beach on a particularly hot and sticky day. The sand was gorgeous and perfect for playing in but the water, not so much. It was warm but unfortunately very dirty and we didn't go in over our knees. The beach was empty and Noah didn't seem to notice the cleanliness of the water. The boy loved that he could wade up and down the whole thing in and out of the water.

And heaven help me, I tried getting a cute pic of the kids. Let me give you a sampling of the copious amounts of photos it took to get one good picture. There *may* have been some threats hissed along the lines of "You're going to sit there and smile until I get a good shot!"

Ah, that's better. :)

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