Friday, July 25, 2014

Life Lately - Parks and Hikes Aplenty

Summer is the perfect time for play dates at the park and hiking in the woods. The kids and I have been taking full advantage of the numerous parks and trails in the surrounding area and go at least twice a week, sometimes more.

This series of photos was from the other weekend when I had to go to a not so local wine store to pick up a few bottles of my favorite wine for some wedding gifts (had to get one for myself too!). Oh my goodness ya'll, find some of this wine!! It is hard to find, but if you can, you won't regret it. So. good.

Anyway, I didn't want the half hour trek to go to waste and after passing several hiking trails and seeing a sign for a free local concert, I knew what we would do. To pass the time before the concert started, we hit up a trail and ended up having such a good time! The trails were nice and wide and easy to walk. And bonus, there were wild blackberry bushes growing right alongside the trails! We snacked along the way and even Noah did a great job staying on track and walking a good portion of the way.

We then headed over to the park with 15 minutes to spare before the concert began. The kids played on the playground while I watched the band (they were a bluegrass group) and grabbed the free donuts and popcorn they were handing out.

Every Thursday, my sister and I meet up and head to the park with packed lunches and make a day of it. She babysits for a friend and also for our brother that day so there are plenty of kids to play together. With her kids, the kids she babysits, and my kids, we have 10 kids between the ages of 12 to 15 months!

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