Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leaving The Nest

The other day as I was preparing to take a shower, Alena came darting into the house carrying something in her hands and speaking with such excitement that I couldn't understand her. It wasn't until she got close enough that I could see what it was. She had a baby robin in her hands!

There is a nest near the house and every since these birds were in the eggs, the kids would check on them daily. It has been a great learning opportunity. This day, the birds were leaving the nest for the first time and learning to fly!

Originally we had thought the bird had fallen out of the tree so once the kids each had a turn holding it, we put it back into the nest. But it hopped out again! That was when I realized what was going on. I put off the shower and the kids and I watched the little birds gain the confidence to take the leap and leave the nest. This is most likely a once in a lifetime chance and I'm so glad we got to experience it.

Isn't nature amazing? Have you ever experienced something similar?

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