Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The First 5K

I've been looking at running 5Ks lately but kept putting it off because of a certain someone. *cough cough* Noah. Well, as soon as we heard Run or Dye was coming to our town, Gabe and I signed up. Last Saturday, the 15th, we dropped the kids off with a sitter and ran our first 5K!

Aside from playing soccer last fall, I had not trained at all and neither did Gabe. Oops. We regretted it and were sore. Still, it was fun and we were covered head to toe in bright florescent colors.

We managed to be in the very front at the starting line and ran with the first wave of people. We probably made it a good K and a half before walking! Then we just alternated walking and running.


One of  the dye stations after the race. The road was completely covered!
We got complimentary packs of dye to save and throw with the crowd at the end of the race (as shown in video above) but we kept it for the kids. When we got home, we covered the kids who thought it was just the greatest thing!

Such a fun but exhausting day!

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