Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Gabe was released from work early on Friday and arrived at home just in time as I was getting ready to pick up Alena from school. He quickly changed and we decided to surprise the kids with a trip to the pumpkin patch. We were planning on going the next day but figured it would be less crowded this way. And we were right! We were the only ones there and had a great time!

They had a petting zoo with ducks, TONS of chickens, rabbits, and a few goats. There was a HUGELY pregnant goat (pictured below) that was due any day with twins!

The chickens even took the bread from your hands but there were a couple that were quite ruthless. They started pecking at Gabe's clothes when he wasn't fast enough.

There was a great little ride for the kids to take around the farm. Noah hung out in the wagon and practiced his newest trick... pulling up!

This crazy kid just will not slow down.
The kids enjoyed a dusty romp through the hay maze and then spent some time looking for juuuust the right pumpkin. The selection wasn't that great since it's so close to Halloween and most of the pumpkins have been picked over already but they managed to find some suitable ones.

And I managed to get some super cute photos of the kids!

Saturday, we went with Gabe as he donated blood and Alena stood by him the whole time watching with great curiosity. We headed home to quickly have dinner and get ready to go on post where they were having a free Halloween event. They had Halloween movies playing, food, games and activities for the kids, a haunted hayride, and a haunted house.

We had originally planned on going for the haunted hayride but there was a 3+ hour wait. Uhhh, no thanks! So Gabe took Alena and Christian through the haunted house. I stood at the exit with Noah waiting for them and as more people came out, I got more nervous. I saw a few kids come out crying though most people came out scared but talking excitedly about it. Christian isn't one to get squeamish (he loves anything zombie related), but I know Alena gets scared fairly easy.

So I waited... and made sure to snap the looks on their faces as they came out. The kids were scared. Although, later, Christian told us he was just joking with us. Riiiight.

Their pumpkin crafts with matching faces.
 We enjoyed some of the kids activities before deciding we were not going to wait another two hours for the hayride. So we went to Best Buy where we bought too many some Halloween movies, came home, popped popcorn, made hot chocolate, and enjoyed the Addams Family. The kids stayed up WAY past their bedtime but sometimes that's OK. :)

Upon waking on Sunday, there was almost zero motivation to do anything. I made a weak attempt to convince everyone to get dressed for church but got nowhere with that. Alena ended up sleeping in until almost 9:30 which is unheard of around here! She promptly declared it to be pajama day and it was. We lazed around watching movie after movie, hardly moving from the couch but for food and bathroom breaks. Nice.

Gabe later realized that with his weight loss he needed new pants for his upcoming business trip the next day. I switched into jeans really quick but couldn't convince Gabe to change. I may have pretended not to know him. So yes, we were those people who walked into Target with pajama pants on. :)

Another busy fall weekend in the books.

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