Friday, August 23, 2013

The Red is Dead

So I mentioned last week how I was going to paint the bedroom. Well I did... Sort of. I got the wall primed. Half of it. But that's beside the point! I just need to get it out there so I can get the umph to finish the job. And I will, oh yes I will.

We had this big dream when we bought the house of having a half red wall with a chair rail and it was going to be glorious... And then life got in the way. We had to move in before the painting was done, I was pregnant, then we had two kids under two, and yada yada. Long story short, the red was AWFUL and it's one of those "What were we thinking?!" type of things. We've been discussing for a while now a much better color of blue for the bedroom and I think I finally hit the breaking point and just decided to go for it.

So here is the somewhat before... (we moved some things and I've already got plastic down but you get the point)

Yeah.... that's quite an obnoxious color of red, isn't it?

I used a High Hiding Primer from Valspar and one coat covered it great. I was afraid it would take more because of the darkness of the red but this did the trick and I'm very happy with it.

The color I've picked is Turquoise Mist from Olympic. It has a hint of green to it. I debated going with a blue that had hints of grey since that is really popular right now but I like green.

One of these two walls will be the blue wall but I just can't decide. Any suggestions? Should we paint just one wall, both pictured, or just go for the whole room?

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