Monday, June 17, 2013

Noah - 2 Months

Where has the time gone little man?! You are now two months old and growing fast. We all love you so much and hope you know that. Alena and Christian are trying very hard to play with you and it won't be long before you'll be running around making trouble with them.

Weight - 11.6 lbs  You've been gaining 2lbs a month for the past two months.

Height - 23in

Appearance - You just keep GROWING! Getting bigger and chubbier all the time. We love it! Most people think you look just like Christian and some say Daddy.

Eating - You have started to space out your daytime feedings a little. You nurse a lot, just not quite as often as before. You wake up twice a night and eat.

Sleeping - You still love to cuddle while sleeping. I figured out right after your 1 month post that you like to be on your belly to sleep. Now you will nap for 2-3 hours at a time. You have no problems sleeping at night. I sleep next to you so neither of us really have to fully wake up during the night. You still prefer to be in bed around 9pm but will sleep with either mommy or daddy holding you until we make our way to the bedroom.

Sizes - You are in size 1 diapers but I see you growing out of those by your next monthly post. You can wear 0-3 month clothes but they fit very tight if you have a cloth diaper on. I can't believe that you can wear 3 month clothes already!

Milestones - On Monday, May 27th, you had your first camping trip to Patagonia Lake and did very well.

On Monday, June 10, you started "talking" back to us. We said something to you and then you would smile and talk back. You love when daddy does it with you.

You went to the movie theater for the second and third time this past month to watch Epic and Man of Steel. You do so good and like to watch all the colors and movement of the screen. You got a little bit scared at Man of Steel during the loud parts but I nursed you and you got past it just fine.

You hold your head up exceptionally well. I had another mother comment that you hold your head better than her three month old.

Noah, you are such an easy baby to care for and we love you to pieces! You are a very happy baby and only cry when something is wrong. I can't wait to see as you become more interactive but not too fast, OK?

Likes - nursing, being held, being worn in the mei tai, and when we talk to you
Dislikes - dirty diapers, having to wait for anything (diapers, eating, and being picked up), being in your car seat for more than 15min

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  1. Aww He is getting so big. Great photos, and yes he does hold his head up very well. I hope he has more fun adventures and outings with his family.

    Oh and I nominated you for the Liebster Award Come over and check it out!


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